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I just got back from London. My trip was amazing. Went to an exhibition and a workshop at the Globe Theatre, which completely amazed me. I fell in love with Shakespeare all over again.
Other than doing loads of shopping, seeing Lion King (AMAZING musical), visiting museums, and sightseeing, I spent some lovely quality time  (room-sharing and piñacolada-drinking) with my classmates. I realized just how much I’m going to miss those girls, when we graduate this summer. I’ve been blessed with some of the best friends one could ever wish for, and I know for sure, that graduation day won’t be the last time we see each other. Friends forever, that’s what they are.
So, back to London. I have only been there twice now, but the city has really grown on me. I’m thinking of going back (and bringing my mom) in a couple of weeks, for the winter vacation.
It really shocked me though, how the whole city collapsed as soon as a little snow started falling. Made me laugh. I almost missed the train to Gatwick Airport (me and my 19 classmates all had to hail taxis) on the way home, because the tubes stopped running. Also, my flight was rescheduled due to snow on the wings (and an ill passenger onboard, which caused the crew to surpass their maximum working hours).
Now, where I come from, we’re used to snow in the winter time. 10 − 15 cm!


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London, baby!

Once again, I’m off to visit London. I’m super excited, and it’s tinkling in my fingertips. I love traveling, and since my last trip to the city, I’ve been longing for another visit. This time I’m going with some of my best friends from my english class.

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Guess who’s back

It’s me! Yes, I’m back on the blog after a couple of so, so, so amazing days in London. Love the city, but wow, it’s crowded. I’ve been to NY several times, but in London it seems as though people are even more crowded. Crazy. My hotel was in Blackheath Village, which is a lovely little place to stay – I recommend it if you’re going to London, anyone. It was a nice contrast to stay outside the city (but the village was full of life, really vibrating) and then just hop on the train into London-town (20 minutes). Also, the train ride from Blackheath Village to London central includes a trip across the famous London Bridge – beautiful sight at night time. I miss it already, and I’m counting the days until january, when I’ll return with my classmates for a study trip. Aren’t I just lucky? 😉

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I’m off to London for the weekend, so the blog will be quiet until Tuesday. See you laters!

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Hi guys.
I’m having a bit of trouble with finishing the blog’s pages completely. Therefore, the “C’est Ma Vie” and “I Love” pages aren’t being updated at the moment.
Also, I have this major assignment coming up, that I’ll be spending everyday preparing until  december 21st when I hand it in. So I’ll be super busy, but no worries. The blog will still be up and running as usual, and I’ll make sure to keep posting. Just not on those two pages.
Can’t believe how time flies. This month I’ll be in London, then Christmas is coming up, and to start off the new year – 2013 – I’m going on a study trip with my classmates. February I’ll be spending in Boston with my family, and hopefully I’ll be there just in time for the birth of my nephew or niece. Great (and BUSY) times are coming ahead starting from next weekend.  Man, I love life!

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This november I’m going to London for a couple of days. Since my family live in Boston, almost every vacation of mine has gone to the US. But not this time!

London baby. Haven’t been there before, so I’m really excited. Have you ever been?

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This week has, once again, been crazy! I’m planning on celebrating christmas with my family in USA. Really excited, but boy – the tickets are expensive. Been saving up for a while, so next week I’m finally going to buy myself a ticket. Guess it’s worth the spent, haven’t seen my family for a long time, and I really miss them! Also, this will be my first Christmas spent in Boston – really looking forward to it.
I just got home from the cinema. It’s the cinema’s day in my town, so I’m going to see another movie later again. Half price on every ticket;-)
Hope you all had a lovely week.

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