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They say it’s going to snow this friday, here. I’m excited. Something magical happens to me whenever the first snow falls. I can’t help but smile, and I love the quietness as the snowflakes are falling from the sky.
But on the other hand. I’m going to the annual christmas party at my school (and hitting the town with my friends afterwards) on friday as well, and I’m definitely not looking forward to be biking home late at night, in freezing weather. So I guess I’ll have to skip wearing the pretty shoes and just hop into my boots. Not cute at all. But I guess I can make it work!

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Run like you took something

And it is friday. And I’m stuck at home. And I’m exhausted. How are you?
I was really looking forward to be spending a night on the town with my girlies, but I have absolutely no money to spend. I have nothing to complaint about, it’s not as if I’m poor or anything. I am very privileged, that I got to go to London and spend all my money there. Here’s the reality check, and the consequences of it. Also, I’m crazy privileged to be going to London again this January. But I’ll have to pay it by myself this time. Also, christmas is coming up, so I’ll need some money for gift-shopping So, no wild times for me…. Until next friday, though… yeah, you’ve got to allow yourself some fun time. Right? But I’ve got to watch my money. Seriously.

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Guess who’s back

It’s me! Yes, I’m back on the blog after a couple of so, so, so amazing days in London. Love the city, but wow, it’s crowded. I’ve been to NY several times, but in London it seems as though people are even more crowded. Crazy. My hotel was in Blackheath Village, which is a lovely little place to stay – I recommend it if you’re going to London, anyone. It was a nice contrast to stay outside the city (but the village was full of life, really vibrating) and then just hop on the train into London-town (20 minutes). Also, the train ride from Blackheath Village to London central includes a trip across the famous London Bridge – beautiful sight at night time. I miss it already, and I’m counting the days until january, when I’ll return with my classmates for a study trip. Aren’t I just lucky? 😉

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no. 100

 Good God! I totally didn’t notice that my last post was no. 100! Hurray! Thank you guys for reading along and liking this blog. I appreciate.

My weekend was spent in the wonderful city Copenhagen. My favorite place. I came home late last night, and I already miss it. Hopefully, if everything goes according to my plan, I’ll be moving to Copenhagen next year when school finishes. If you haven’t been there, make sure to add it to your to-go list!

My vacation has come to an end, *sigh* and I have a busy week coming up.

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Orange is my color







































Orange makes me smile. I don’t really know why. Not a bright orange – it has to be this exact mellow one. Mmmh.

I just got home from the cinema with my mom. We saw a danish movie – The Hijacking. Wow, what an impact that just made.
So, the reason why my mom and I decided to go to the cinema was because my friend (I’ll call him mr. A) decided to bail on me tonight. So now, I’ll just oaint my toenails, drink lots of whine, and make him feel sorry he blew me off! HA. 


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