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Call me Birthday girl. ‘Cause tomorrow is my birthday! Yup. I’m one of those people who get crazy excited and claims the whole day they were born. Birthdays are the best. And I (sorry to say this. Hate this part of me. It’s disgusting, I know!) LOVE receiving birthday presents.
I’m having my four best friends over for a late dinner, drinks and dessert, followed by a Girls’ Night Out. Super excited.
Oh, and I’m turning 19, in case you were wondering. 19, young, free, wild ♥

Kate Moss by Terry Richardson supreme

Kate Moss by Terry Richardson

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For Instant Happy Woman Just Add Wine

I celebrated christmas eve with my family last night. Got lots of great presents, tons of deliciously cooked food (my uncle is the best!) and had a night filled with joy and love. Family really is the best. Hope you’re all having a nice holiday. As of now, I’m loafing around the house in my bathrobe, waiting for my friend A to stop by for a glass of whine.happy-woman coaster-500x500

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It’s snowing like crazy outside. I’m sitting under my blanket, reading Sex and The City. My friend Anne is stopping by for a cup of coffee, after she’s done her last-minute Christmas shopping. Can’t think of a better way to spend your sunday afternoon. Warm, tucked in, with a good book. Merry christmas to you all!NIKE

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Christmas is here

Aline Weber  for Muse Magazine #32 Winter 2012

Aline Weber for Muse Magazine #32 Winter 2012

I went to a Christmas Party at my mom’s friends house. The house was full of spanish speaking people, so I got to practice a bit! There was tons of delicious food, and they were all so nice. Got home a bit late, but guess what! Woke up to the most beautiful morning. The first snow fell at night, and when morning came, there was a  beautiful, bright layer of snow on the rooftops. Merry Christmas, everybody!

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Run like you took something

And it is friday. And I’m stuck at home. And I’m exhausted. How are you?
I was really looking forward to be spending a night on the town with my girlies, but I have absolutely no money to spend. I have nothing to complaint about, it’s not as if I’m poor or anything. I am very privileged, that I got to go to London and spend all my money there. Here’s the reality check, and the consequences of it. Also, I’m crazy privileged to be going to London again this January. But I’ll have to pay it by myself this time. Also, christmas is coming up, so I’ll need some money for gift-shopping So, no wild times for me…. Until next friday, though… yeah, you’ve got to allow yourself some fun time. Right? But I’ve got to watch my money. Seriously.

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Hi guys.
I’m having a bit of trouble with finishing the blog’s pages completely. Therefore, the “C’est Ma Vie” and “I Love” pages aren’t being updated at the moment.
Also, I have this major assignment coming up, that I’ll be spending everyday preparing until  december 21st when I hand it in. So I’ll be super busy, but no worries. The blog will still be up and running as usual, and I’ll make sure to keep posting. Just not on those two pages.
Can’t believe how time flies. This month I’ll be in London, then Christmas is coming up, and to start off the new year – 2013 – I’m going on a study trip with my classmates. February I’ll be spending in Boston with my family, and hopefully I’ll be there just in time for the birth of my nephew or niece. Great (and BUSY) times are coming ahead starting from next weekend.  Man, I love life!

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