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02 02

Here’s a quickie. 0202. February 2nd. Today is my favorite day. The sun is shining, and my sister just gave birth to my first baby niece, Kaylee.
It doesn’t really make any sense to me, that I have an essay to write – due for monday, and tons of other stuff to do right now. I’m super excited and overly happy. Can’t really comprehend the fact that we’re more that thousand miles apart from each other right now.
My sister lives in America and I live in Denmark. We’re far apart and, sadly, I won’t be able to be as big a part of this great experience, as I would’ve liked to. But I feel the love, and my sister and I have always shared a strong bond, even though we only get to see each other once a year. I’ll start counting the days until summer, when I’ll get to see her. And my beautiful niece for the first time! It’s funny how one can feel such a strong attachment to someone you barely know. I guess blood really does tie people together. I’m absolutely and completely in love with my baby niece, and the fact that I’m someones aunt.
Have a wonderful day!

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For Instant Happy Woman Just Add Wine

I celebrated christmas eve with my family last night. Got lots of great presents, tons of deliciously cooked food (my uncle is the best!) and had a night filled with joy and love. Family really is the best. Hope you’re all having a nice holiday. As of now, I’m loafing around the house in my bathrobe, waiting for my friend A to stop by for a glass of whine.happy-woman coaster-500x500

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Post #200. YAY. This deserves a celebration. I’m celebrating at home, in my PJ with tons of good music. Also, I have some plans for this blog revolving the two pages on top ”I Love” and ”C’est Ma Vie”. I hope you’ll like what’s in store for them. Will be revealed soon, so hang in there. Also, once again, thank you for following and a gazillion thanks for all the likes! xx

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Jimi Hendrix

Today, after a long day of working on my school project, I went to the postoffice to pick up some packages. I was STOKED when I opened it, at saw my new Jimi Hendrix T-shirt. Love it. Love him. And now, his face will be on my chest.

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Four more years

Please note that this is NOT a blog where I would usually express my political view. But yesterday was an important day for me. You all probably know that it was the election day for the US. And since my dad’s side of the family are americans, I consider the election as an important thing. Not just for my family, but also for Europe, and Denmark – where I live. And I can’t describe how tired but happy I am. Four more years to mr. Obama. I stayed up all night to follow the poles (note; there are 6 hours of time difference between DC and Denmark, I watched the election from 8.50 PM until the new president was revealed at 5.30 AM in Denmark) and after a few hours of sleep I’m back on 😉 Now. Enough of my political bliss. I’m happy. But back to fashion photography.


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Orange is my color







































Orange makes me smile. I don’t really know why. Not a bright orange – it has to be this exact mellow one. Mmmh.

I just got home from the cinema with my mom. We saw a danish movie – The Hijacking. Wow, what an impact that just made.
So, the reason why my mom and I decided to go to the cinema was because my friend (I’ll call him mr. A) decided to bail on me tonight. So now, I’ll just oaint my toenails, drink lots of whine, and make him feel sorry he blew me off! HA. 


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