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Frank Ocean – Crack Rock

Long time, no see. Tuesday’s tune on a friday. I’m at home, blogging and tumbling away, listening to this.

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Run like you took something

And it is friday. And I’m stuck at home. And I’m exhausted. How are you?
I was really looking forward to be spending a night on the town with my girlies, but I have absolutely no money to spend. I have nothing to complaint about, it’s not as if I’m poor or anything. I am very privileged, that I got to go to London and spend all my money there. Here’s the reality check, and the consequences of it. Also, I’m crazy privileged to be going to London again this January. But I’ll have to pay it by myself this time. Also, christmas is coming up, so I’ll need some money for gift-shopping So, no wild times for me…. Until next friday, though… yeah, you’ve got to allow yourself some fun time. Right? But I’ve got to watch my money. Seriously.

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Klumben & Raske Penge + TopGunn

My weekend has been filled with music. Friday, my friends and I went to a concert with these guys. Klumben, Raske Penge and TopGunn. They make danish reggae / dancehall, and they were rocking it on stage. The concert was completely sold out, and there was so much energy. The audience was completely loving it. It didn’t take long before the room had a sweet smell of marijuana, which I am NOT a big fan of, but it sort of set the right mood, and it was a fun night.
Saturday, I watched the DMA (Danish Music Awards) and Voice, while taking care of my mom’s friend, who is currently undergoing a rough chemo-treatment. We ate pizza, watched TV and listened to music until her husband came back home from his wine tasting.  

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It’s wednesday, peeps! And that means my personal countdown towards friday has begun. Also, I have a weeks vacation starting next week. Yipee.

Tonight Anne has invited me and some girls over for dinner. Right now my toughest decision is deciding which lipstick I should wear. Tough one! (lol)

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Asaf Avidan – Reckoning Song (One Day) Wakelmut Remix


A song from my weekend warm up with my friends. We had tons of fun. If you don’t know Asaf Avidan, you should do yourself the favor of listening to some of his songs (Asaf Avidan & The Mojos). This man is really something! The Wakelmut remix is nice, a very catchy tune, but the original is amazing. Gosh, that rusty voice!!


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I quote the night












Pissing everywhere isn’t very Chanel. No.
Finally, friday has arrived! This weekend is going to be so much fun. Tonight I’m going to a hipster//swag dress-up party with some friends. Tomorrow I’m taking a sushi class with Sandi and Sofie, and saturday night I’ll be celebrating Christina’s 19th birthday with a night in the town. Have a nice friday, everyone!

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